How do I monitor my Instagram numbers?


I've been looking at Instagram analytics tools today and the following is my summary of how I got to where I am now.  Iconosquare always seems to come up in any conversation about Instagram analytics, and there's always something to be said for going with the popular choice.  20 years ago the IT world had the phrase "Nobody loses their job for buying IBM machines", and that's where Iconosquare is at.  However, I'm not the person to just give in like that and I felt the need for "due diligence" and to look at the competition.  I also don't mind paying, but I do like to see value for money.  This is how it went.

Simply Measured - I have a number of ways of reviewing different offerings, and I usually start at the pricing page and then figure out if the offering is worth the money.  In some cases, the entry figure is just too high, and with Simply Measured starting at $500 a month, I'm out. I didn't even look at the available features, I just moved on.

Sprout Social.  This too seems pricy with the entry point at $59 per month, $708 per year.  I'm in the ramp-up phase of my business and that's OTT at this stage.  Sprout Social does analytics across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+, but it doesn't look back at stats earlier than the date you join them.  For the future maybe, but not for me right now at this price

Hootsuite does not natively support Instagram, although I am already a subscriber to the base system (£6.99/$9.30 a month).  You can buy extra add-ons (eg from VidPiq, TrendSpottr or even Iconosquare itself) to include Instagram analytics, but it seems a clunky way of doing things.  Not convinced, particularly when Iconosquare is cheaper on its own

AgoraPulse - Like Sprout Social. Agora Pulse provides analytics across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+, and it's priced at 228/$254 per year for just one social profile, 468/$521 for three profiles, 958/$1068 for ten profiles.  Well, I'm going to need more than three profiles monitoring, so that's out too.

SumAll - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ - but not LinkedIn, and as I specialise in the B2B market, LinkedIn is key and means that I down-prioritise it immediately.  SumAll is priced at $1188 a year, which is well over budget for me at this time.  I watched their four minute overview video, and I'm also not sure about the big blob graphics - analytics is numbers, and my mindset says I need to see numbers more importantly than I see graphics. (formerly Followgram) - $9 a year, so it's not a surprise that this is a very basic offering.  Don’t expect to find the depth of stats you were used to getting for free with Iconosquare, and on that basis I ruled that one out too.

ScheduGram - Just for Instagram, so directly comparable to Iconosquare.  I'm getting a bit bugged by the pricing in this market and head there first.  Priced per Instagram account per year, and they charge $20/month for accounts of up to 10K followers, and $30/month for 10K-100K followers.  OK, so I'd be in the first category now, and the second one later.  Current cost $240 for a year, potentially rising to $360 a year.  Possible short list.

Olapic (ex Piquora) and Tapshop - More about linking between Instagram and Pinterest with ecommerce websites, but frankly I found the website so confusing that I gave up.  Suggestion, get some user testing done on your website, Mr Olapic.  Plus the lack of pricing information on their website put me off big time - if I need to ask, I probably can't afford.

Iconosquare - And so I came to Iconosquare at $28.80 per Instagram Account per year from their plans and pricing page.  Given the features for this price, they are on a winner and I signed up