Facebook Pages v Facebook Groups

This is one of the most misunderstood aspects of Facebook for SMEs. So many think "We have to have a Facebook page" (subtext: because everyone seems to) without knowing the good and bad points. Yes, a Page is a prerequisite to place advertising on Facebook, but that's about the only thing going for it. Just like a static website, a Facebook page is brochure-ware - it provides as much benefit as a hard copy brochure - factual but no engagement.

That key word - engagement - is what you get with Facebook Groups, and it is because of the higher engagement that Facebook prioritizes Group posts above Page posts. So even if you put daily posts on a Facebook page, the expected benefit from your efforts is negligible compared to the potential benefit of using a Group. Why is this? Only the Page owner can post to a Facebook Page. Every member of a Group can post to a Facebook Group - and it is that aspect that generates a lot more traffic on a Group. Higher engagement means Facebook prioritizes it higher in its "timeline ordering scheme" so more people see it. Pages are prioritized much lower, and hence less benefit.

"A lot more traffic" on a Group is a challenge in itself. Assuming you have set up a Group ostensibly to promote your organisation, you need to be much more ready to respond. And that is where an organisation like Parapex Media comes in, as we can manage Facebook Groups for you