Parapex takes new Instagram account to 8,000 followers in under 8 months

Parapex Media is proud to announce that their flagship Instagram account has gone from zero to 8,000 followers in under 8 months.  Most days we are seeing a net figure of over 100 new followers - and we delight in checking out our daily analytics email report from Iconosquare.

Parapex Media has achieved this on the Instagram of sister organisation - see here.  

The generally accepted "rule" is that the top images on an Instagram feed would expect to get "likes" from 3 to 5% of the number of followers on the account.  On the HeliHub feed, we are regularly achieving "likes" from 9-15% of the follower base, and have reached 20% once.

With Instagram consistently showing one of the highest levels of engagement of all social networks in a business environment, what's stopping you?  Why don't you get Parapex Media to run your Instagram feed as part of your social media strategy?