Social Media Myths

1) Success means lots of social media followers

It’s tempting to measure your social media success by the size of your audience. Just because someone is following you, it doesn’t mean they’re reading everything you post. Success on social media should be measured by our engagement with your followers. Engagement metrics are your shares, retweets, comments and likes. Focus on turning out content that engages with your audience. 

2) Everything needs to be online 

You might as well be a computer if you never engage face-to-face with your followers. People are more likely to trust a brand that has a human face especially with there time and money. Face-to-face engagement can be achieved through meet-ups, having a personal 'About' page and sponsoring events. 

3) You need to have a profile on EVERY social media platform

It is great when a brand takes the effort to be on every social media platorm but if a social media user searches for your brand online, they will come across them in some shape and form. In some cases being on every social media could cause you to spreading yourself to thin. To ensure you are on the right social media platforms, keep these 3 things in mind;

  • Target demographic
  • Functionality
  • Specific metrics

4) Social Media is only for younger brands

A lot of businesses might think social media is reserved for the younger generation. There is a lot of support available like social media webinars and industry blogs. There are also Online Social Media courses with regular evaluations. 

5) Your marketing strategy and social media is separate

Social Media works the best when it is supported by other digital initiatives. Even if you have thoroughly studied your target demographic and the best times to post, you still need the right piece of content to encourage engagement.