Bringing Branded Content to More Pages

Last year we updated our branded content policy to enable verified Pages and Profiles to publish branded content on Facebook. There are now thousands of creators and publishers sharing branded content on Facebook every month.

Today we’re announcing three updates for branded content that are a direct result of feedback we’ve been gathering from our partners:

  • Enabling more Pages to share branded content on Facebook
  • Updating the branded content tag
  • Simplifying our policy and enforcement guidelines

Opening Up Branded Content to More Pages

To date, only verified Pages and Profiles have been able to share branded content on Facebook. We know that some creators and publishers with branded content deals are not verified, so we want to make this capability more widely available.

Any Page can now submit an application at this link to gain access to the branded content tool. We are also starting to roll out the branded content tool to unverified Pages that we predict are likely to use it. Pages who can share branded content will get a notification when they log in to Facebook, and will see the branded content tool in the post composer in the form of a handshake icon.

Once eligible, Pages who wish to share branded content will need to adhere to our policies and use the branded content tool to tag their business partners in their posts. We’re starting to open this up to Pages on iOS and www today, and we plan to expand to Android in the coming weeks.

To learn more about using branded content, visit our Help Center. For more information about our policies, please see Branded Content Policies.

Updating the Branded Content Tag

We want people to be able to clearly and consistently recognize branded content posts. To that end, we are updating the branded content tag to include the word ‘Paid’ in the post.

Our goal with this change is to make it clear to people that branded content posts represent an exchange of value between the publisher and a third party.

Publishers will still be responsible for complying with any relevant advertising regulations in their markets, including providing necessary disclosures indicating the commercial nature of the content they post.

Policy and Enforcement Updates

We’ve made some updates to our Branded Content Policy based on direct feedback from our publishing partners. We now allow logos, watermarks, and graphical overlays to persist throughout a video. Previously, we had prohibited these items from appearing in the first three seconds of a video.

Finally, we are changing the way we enforce branded content policies on our platform. Pages that post branded content in violation of our policies will get a notification letting them know what needs to be corrected. We will no longer remove violating posts; instead, violating posts will still appear on a publisher’s Page, but will be hidden from News Feed. Publishers can restore News Feed visibility by fixing the violation.

With these changes, we have also updated the language in our Branded Content Policies to make them easier to understand. We hope these updates make it easier for you to publish your branded content on Facebook. For more information, please visit our Get Started page.

SOURCE: Facebook Blog