Samsung takes TV vertical to match smartphones

Samsung Sero

Big electronics companies are always testing the market with new ideas, and Korea’s Samsung is no exception. Today they launched the 43” Sero TV, which is mounted on an easel contraption to allow the screen to turn through 90 degrees.

In a clear attempt to see how the mobile trend towards 9x16 vertical format is taken up on other product lines, the Sero is being shown at a pop-up shop at Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

The manufacturer has not given out a full specification of the new product, but we know it is equipped with a 4.1-channel, 60-watt high-end speaker, which can play music streamed from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Will it catch on? Too early to say, but if the trend towards vertical use of smart phone is anything to go by, we wonder what has taken Samsung so long to come up with this model. That said, there is a distinct trend away from sitting in front of a TV, with more and more screen time being consumed on tablet or smart phone. It is thus worth factoring in how long the TV screen will last as a household gadget.

The Sero is priced high at 18.9M Won, which is around UK£12,600 or US$16,300