Podcast importance shown by Spotify's $500M spending plans


British inventor John Logie Baird first demonstrated the television in a broadcast setting back in 1925, and for around 90 years, people would sit and watch TV programmes when they were broadcast. Cable and Satellite TV brought a plethora of channels (and the wider range of quality it implies!) but it wasn’t until internet connections became reliably good that we moved away from being tied to a broadcast schedule. Now, most people watch TV programmes on catch-up at a time of their choosing, and it’s only event driven coverage of sports etc that get us sat down to watch TV content live.

We are ever more location independent. It’s not just consuming broadcast TV at a time of our choosing, but the way we consume them. Latest YouTube stats show that over 70% of watch time on that platform is on mobile or tablet, not laptop.

As our location is less tied, our desire for content has become more confused. We like watching images, but the more mobile we are, the less easy that becomes. And thus the world of Podcasting is booming, and the related platforms with it. This week The Verge reported that Spotify has set aside $500 Million for more purchases in the field of podcasting, and that’s after already scooping up podcast platform Anchor and the networks Parcast and Gimlet Media.

Businesses are starting podcasts in droves. Can we help your business achieve this?