Facebook confirms focus on Groups, not Pages


Facebook have just announced a fresh new design which they call FB5, which they intend being "simpler, faster, more immersive and putting communities at the center". In particular, they are publicly putting Groups at the centre of Facebook, ie ahead of Pages.

Let's just take a moment to remind ourselves the difference between Pages and Groups.

  • A Page is your business market stall. You show your goods/services, you tell people what you are doing, maybe a special event or offer etc. People follow a page because they are potentially interested in you, to monitor your activities etc. Effectively you are standing on a hill scattering seeds to the four winds, hoping something somewhere will germinate into more than just a seed.

  • A Group brings together like-minded people who show a commitment to others in the Group, and everyone in the Group can contribute. You can control who comes into the Group, and what gets posted in the Group, but ultimately it's a more fulfilling experience and each member gets more out of it by showing more interest in putting more into it.

Pages are like your front garden. People drive by, see that you paint the windows and mow the lawn regularly, and keep the drive swept and the flower beds tidy. Groups are like your back garden. You invite people round for a BBQ, hang out over a beer and have a much more collaborative time. That's where relationships are build, warm leads become customers and online success is had.

Today, more than 400 million people on Facebook belong to a group that they find meaningful. With FB5, Facebook are introducing new tools that will make it easier for you to discover and engage with groups of people who share your interests, redesigning the Groups tab to make discovery simpler, making it easier to participate in Groups, and adding new features to support specific communities.

Most businesses just have a Facebook Page - indeed, some just have a page as a placeholder they don't use (eg to point people to a LinkedIn page where they prefer to do business) or to leverage the advantages of Facebook advertising or an Instagram business account (both need a Facebook Page as a prerequisite). But Facebook have now said what we have suspected for a long time - Pages are a lot less important than Groups.

How will your business adapt? What Group could you set up? Ask Parapex Media for advice, or to manage your business Group for you.

Photo by Osvaldo Coelho Jr. from Pexels