Helicopter Types covered

The following helicopter types are currently covered by our Market Intelligence Service. These are mostly current production twin-engined types with some exceptions

  • Airbus - H135, H145 (inc BK117), H155 (inc AS365), H160, H175, H225 (inc AS332)

  • Bell - B412, B427, B429, B430, B505, B525

  • Guimbal - G2

  • Kaman - K-Max

  • Leonardo - AW109, AW139, AW169, AW189

  • MD Helicopters - MD900

  • Sikorsky - S64, S76, S92

The following types are under consideration

  • Kamov - Ka32 in civil/parapublic roles

  • Sikorsky - UH-60 (civilianised models)