Website Design and Management

Website technology moves over time, so we carry out reviews of customer's websites, make recommendations and implement updates or work with web developers to achieve the desired results.  A website needs to present your corporate branding in colour and style, and be fully consistent with your presentation on all Social Media platforms that you work on.  It also needs to work on different screen sizes as well as on a smartphone or tablet. Be honest, does your current website work like this?

Our B2B focus means that we sit down with you to hear what you want out of a website from a business point of view, and work with you to understand any particular technical aspects you would like included.  We will guide you through the current best practice in design, without blinding you with jargon. You will end up with a website which you can be proud of, and most likely for a more competitive price than you would imagine.

A website should not be a static shop window for your organisation, but a dynamic one which continues to bring something new - you do want people to come back and see your website again, don't you?  Website Management can be done through our Social Media services, or we can add news items as and when you have something to announce.  A regular blog, for example, is another way to create regularly updated content - and something that we do on this website.

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