Parapex Media

Parapex Media is dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) get the best out of Social Media and PR through carefully planned management.  This size of organisation rarely has the financial ability to employ someone for this sort of work, and they often end up with an employee or relative who likes using Facebook but lacks the understanding of how businesses use Social Media.

Parapex manages all aspects of media for SMEs, bringing great experience and skills in the Social Media world for a price they can afford.  We keep a very close eye on the changes in the Social Media world (many of which we mention in our blog), so our customers can benefit from the latest innovations and adapt to the latest changes.  We believe that Social Media is the key to the future of business and opens up many more opportunities than most people realise. Why would you impose limits on your organisation by NOT leveraging the full power of Social Media?

We recommend Social Media management as part of a planned PR programme to both maximise the up-side in promoting your business, while minimising any down-sides which may occur en route.  A planned programme could include running Facebook pages and groups, Twitter and Instagram feeds, making contributions in LinkedIn, publishing on Medium and the trade press, and more besides.  As you can see from our Portfolio, we have a wide range of customers.

The design and implementation of websites is also part of the marketing and PR work that we do, and we are happy to critique your website to help you improve it further.

If you feel there may be scope for us to help you further, please contact us for more details.