Public Relations

Public Relations is the practice of understanding the purpose of an organisation and its relationships within society. It is a management discipline that relates to planned and sustained engagement designed to influence behaviour change, and build mutual understanding and trust. Parapex Media handles PR for a number of small companies.  The tasks regularly include:

  • Press Release writing - writing press releases to get the key message out in the market place. If you can put out a story on a regular basis, you soon rise above your competitors as your customers see your name come up more frequently and will assume it's your place everyone wants to be.

  • Press Release distribution - we work with news editors of online and printed media to ensure your stories reach them and get published. Engagement ensures they do not hit the [Del] button

  • Blog writing - more organisations are now seeing the benefit of having a blog, but hesitate or side-step making a decision to go for it because they realise the commitment it involves. Let Parapex Media handle that for you

  • Article writing - there is a wide range of places that you can publish articles, including online and physical magazines, LinkedIn, and so on.

  • Social Media distribution - every organisation and situation needs to handle Social Media differently, and the social networks applicable to one business may not be applicable to another. Parapex Media ensures that you reach the audience you are trying to reach by tailoring the approach.

  • Managing third party approaches - we handle external press enquiries for your business, so you can get on with the business.

  • Event PR management - when you are investing in taking space at an exhibition or conference, are you making the most of it? What PR and Social Media opportunities are you missing? Maybe you need extra people for the event to help you?

Negative PR

And then there is Negative PR?  Many people think PR is only about the Positive aspects of getting the right message out to the right audience. But one of the key aspects of PR is the handling of "Negative PR" - minimising the down-side of anything which could affect your business in a negative way.  The very nature of Social Media means that news etc can "go viral" - get distributed at an uncontrolled exponential rate - so it is really important that any "bad news" is handled sensitively.

We monitor online news for our clients and advise how best to respond, assuming it is appropriate to.