Social Media Training 

Parapex Media provides onsite training for your team. While each training day is individually detailed, the following is a guide on how the standard package on which we base our plan for your organisation

  • Prior to arrival

    • We have a phone call with you to understand your marketing targets, ideal customer profile, etc

    • We carry out a thorough review of your website, current social media output, and your organisation’s profile online.

    • We then use these as examples on your training day

  • Training day start

    • On arrival, tour to see "the organisation at work"

  • Corporate branding on social media

    • Overview of social media - "why you do what you do" - understanding what your targets are in using social media.

    • Leveraging what others do, and thus their networks

    • Image sources/sizes/quality

    • Corporate credibility

  • Social Networks - for each network (eg LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)

    • Audience profile of the network and how that matches your marketing targets

    • Key features of the network - how they expect you to use it

    • What to post - styles of post, image size/formats, when to use hashtags, links, mentions etc

    • Timing and frequency of posting, including "lifetime of a post"

    • Sharing and engagement of posts - by you and by your network

    • Analytics and monitoring that over time

    • Managing comments/responses

    • Social media advertising/influencers, and what you can get for free

  • Social Network management

    • Scheduling tools

    • Activity monitoring

    • Social media calendar

    • How social affects website SEO

    • The future of social networking

  • After your training day

Contact us for more details, pricing etc