Social Media Management

Social Media is the key to the future of business and opens up many more opportunities than most people realise. Anyone who says that you can do without it is missing some key facts - when people want to find information these days, they go to their phones first. More than half of internet browsing is already on mobile or tablet (source), and marketing now is a challenge where you vye for someone’s attention on their phone, and you have to come up on the social channels your customers are using.

Don’t impose limits on your organisation by NOT leveraging the full power of Social Media.  We also recommend Social Media as part of a planned PR programme to both maximise the up-side of your business, while minimising any down-sides which may occur en route.

  • Planned posting strategy with a “social media diary” that works round your announcements and promotions, the events you are attending, anniversaries of events, special days in the calendar etc

  • Responding to customers on your behalf - working with your marketing team to ensure messaging is on point

  • Promoting, cross-posting, sharing, commenting and all the various ways you can get your organisation higher up the list

The most effective approach now is to put valuable content out on Social Media and build up your credentials that way.  Show potential customers what you can do for them.  More and more, your customers are looking on the net to find what they want, and unless your social media presence doesn't feature well, they will find your competitors first.

Every single organisation is different, and there is no "one size fits all" solution, and we work with you to advise and implement the best mix for your particular business.  See our Portfolio to see a selection of examples of where we have used Social Media to help particular businesses.