Social Media Consultancy 

Some companies prefer to run their own Social Media, but need to have expert advice available when required.

Parapex Media provides this service on a retainer basis. Each client has a slightly different package, but generally these boil down to something similar to the following

  • Monthly Conference Call

    • You set the agenda with social media queries you need advice on

    • Parapex Media provides overview of social media network updates

    • Review of competitors use of social media

  • Half Yearly training day

    • Every six months - focused on reviewing and optimising current social network usage, but covering in detail recent initiatives from the various social networks.

    • Strategic plan review - looking at the social media plan for the business and ensuring it meets both the sales and marketing targets while being in line with current social media network trends. Are the latest social innovations being leveraged?

Contact us for more details, pricing etc