The Team

Parapex Media is run by Jeremy Parkin, and is run from the Finishing Straight of one of the world's first banked motor racing circuits - Brooklands.   Jeremy has an Honours degree in Computer Science and spent a number of years in IT software support roles.  This has included managing support teams across the world, managing staff remotely and working with high-profile public-quoted customers who need urgent support in critical "System Down" situations. The role developed into being the primary social media evangelist for the Support division of one of the world's largest IT companies.

Putting the IT world and his life-long interest in aviation together, Jeremy founded the world's first helicopter industry news website in 1999, which today manifests itself as In developing this site, Social Media and PR have been a central part, and you can see that on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram.  Further social networks are always explored and experimented with, even if they turn out to not be applicable to, they could be applicable to your business.

Jeremy also has a number of freelance specialists, both in the UK where Parapex is based and worldwide as virtual assistants, who make up the full Parapex team.

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