Who we are and why "Parapex" ?


Parapex Media is run by Jeremy Parkin, and is run from the Finishing Straight of one of the world's first banked motor racing circuits - Brooklands.   Jeremy has an Honours degree in Computer Science and much of his working life has been spent in IT software support roles.  This has included managing support teams across the world, managing staff remotely and working with high-profile quoted customers who need urgent support in critical "System Down" situations. The role developed into being the primary social media evangelist for the Support division of one of the world's largest IT companies.

Putting the IT world and his life-long interest in aviation together, Jeremy founded the world's first helicopter industry news website in 1999, which today manifests itself as HeliHub.com. In developing this site, Social Media and PR have been a central part, and you can see that on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Further social networks are always explored and experimented with, even if they turn out to not be applicable to HeliHub.com, they could be applicable to your business.

This site exclusively uses images from press releases or from photographers who have given us specific approval.


The Parapex Name and our logo

Prior to the Second World War, Jeremy's grandfather Percy Parkin was a travelling salesman in the drapery business, supplying mens clothes stores.  When the war started, he did not want to take up arms and instead became a "Conscientious Objector" doing land work - he owned and ran a nursery in Hampton, Middlesex, supplying vegetables to shops in the surrounding area - including Marks & Spencer in Kingston.

In 1946 he sold the nursery and went back to the drapery business.  We are aware of two particular products that he sold, mens shirts (always white in those days) and ladies leather gloves.  The shirts were made in Northern Ireland, and the gloves by a company in Yeovil, Somerset.  As part of this he created his own brand name - putting together the first three letters of his surname Parkin and the word Apex as he wanted to be seen as being at the peak of the business.  And so Parapex was born around 1946 and he created a logo to show a peak with the Parapex name.  My grandmother sewed one of these labels into every single shirt and glove, one of which can be seen below.  We believe the name stopped being used around 1952 as his interest in shoes came to the fore and his days in the drapery world were over.

It is thus a great honour to be able to restore the family brand name PARAPEX, some 70 years after it was first created by my grandfather.