Social Media Management

Many people think Social Media is... just for teenagers....  or lonely adults... or just not for them....  the latest annoyance in life....   a privacy invasion....   a time sink.......  not for business....  or at least, only for "big brand" businesses

But what if it really is the most efficient way we can communicate with each other?  an unexplored dimension in sales, marketing, support etc?  a missed opportunity by small and medium size businesses? the first place your potential customers go to find out about your organisation?

We believe that Social Media is the key to the future of business and opens up many more opportunities than most people realise. Why are you imposing limits on your organisation by NOT leveraging the full power of Social Media?  We also recommend Social Media as part of a planned PR programme to both maximise the up-side of your business, while minimising any down-sides which may occur en route.

  • Planned posting strategy with a “social media diary” that works round your announcements and promotions, the events you are attending, anniversaries of events, special days in the calendar etc

  • Responding to customers on your behalf - working with your marketing team to ensure messaging is on point

  • Promoting, cross-posting, sharing, commenting and all the various ways you can get your organisation higher up the list

The most effective approach now is to put valuable content out on Social Media and build up your credentials that way.  Show potential customers what you can do for them.  More and more, your customers are looking on the net to find what they want, and unless your social media presence doesn't feature well, they will find your competitors first.

Our Experience on Social Media

We understand and actively use a wide range of Social Media platforms, including

  • Facebook - This network is continuously at the top of the "Love it or Hate it" list. But it is by far the world's best advertising platform due to its ability to target audiences so accurately, and thus cannot be ignored. When should you use a Page, and what is the point of a Group?

  • LinkedIn - anyone in the B2B space not using LinkedIn is missing a trick. Ensure your profile is there and updated, your company is represented, and build up your industry credibility for free.

  • Instagram - Photos and videos only, but with the highest engagement of any Social Media platform for business. Users spend more time on Instagram than other networks, and studies show that the response rate from users is over 30 TIMES more than Facebook.

  • Twitter - The best example network to demonstrate why Social Media needs to be managed. This network looks like "Garbage In, Garbage Out" until you harness the power of the information that it presents and understand its benefits. Ignore it at your peril.

  • YouTube - the world's second largest search engine (after parent company Google)

  • Anchor FM - Despite the ability to use Twitter for short voice messages, this is best described as the "Twitter of the audio world". You can broadcast a message of up to two minutes straight from your smartphone. Early days but we are already using this with a customer as part of a practical trial.

  • Pinterest - In the B2C marketplace, this is as relevant to distributing images and bringing customers in as most other social networks. Has a higher proportion of female users than most social networks.

  • Medium - some see this as a blogging platform, but there are significant Social Media aspects that can be exploited

  • Snapchat - we are in the early days of Snapchat being used in business. Widely regarded as "the next big thing" for companies to focus on in social media.

  • Other Networks - It may sound odd, but we monitor trends of teenagers on social networks. Once this generation has used a Social Network for 2-3 years, their parents start catching up and using it, and then businesses follow. By then, the teenagers will have moved onto something else, and our customers benefit by being ahead of the curve because we know about the networks already.

Every single organisation is different, and there is no "one size fits all" solution, and we work with you to advise and implement the best mix for your particular business.  See our Portfolio to see a selection of examples of where we have used Social Media to help particular businesses.